Day 5 of my 35th birthday adventure – a jaunt to the capital

On Wednesdays, my aunt volunteers at a local gift shop. As my uncle works Mon-Fri full time, this meant I’d be spending the day on my own again. Not a problem for this lone wanderer! Plus, this mean my aunt would have a break from me which I’m sure was welcome because she’s like me – needs her own space and precious alone time!

Julia dropped Nige and I off in George Town, the capital, which is only about 20 mins from their condo, and it’s where Nige works. He’s a policeman, and walking down the street with him felt like being with a celeb – I dunno why, but I felt like he was kinda a big deal. (If he’s reading this he will either love that I’ve said that, or be embarrassed!) I met his colleague who was busy guiding tourists across the road safely, who, was super adorable….and then I waved Nige off to work, ready to investigate the place.

Several cruise ships were in, which meant the place was pretty buzzy. It has all the usual touristy shops, plus some high end stores, and a few cute markets.

I hunted out a Cayman shot glass (if you read my blog usually you’ll know that this is the thing I do in every country I visit  because I am scool) and I also bought myself some earrings which I earmarked in my mind to wear for my birthday meal.  The town is actually relatively small and I am a pretty swift walker, so by about 11 I was done…AND I was absolutely boiling. So I spied a cute tiki bar (I loves me a tiki bar!) called Cabana, and settled down there for a couple of hours.

I started off on the soft drinks because I was dehydrated as all hell…but I moved onto beer soon enough. I also decided to order some conch fritters. Conch is their local dish, and it was damn good actually. I don’t LOVE fish but I do like to try new stuff, especially local dishes, and this was totally worth it.

After a couple of hours there, I was about done but I still had a good 3 hours or so until my aunt would be finished at the gift shop. My aunt had said she’d happily leave the gift shop at any point if I needed picking up and taking somewhere else on the island (bless her) but I was like, no, jesus, you’ve already done so much for me! ❤

Plus, I am totally used to navigating myself about strange places, and I think it’s all part of the fun. I decided I wanted to check out a part of the island called Camana Bay, which Julia described as being like “The Canary Wharf of Cayman”. Google told me I needed the Yellow Line bus, so I found the bus depot (not that I really needed to because buses in the Caribbean are chilled as fuck and will pick up anyone who stands anywhere on the side of any road) and I hopped on. As I had expected (based on my experience in Barbados), Cayman buses are more like dodgy-looking transit vans. They’re pretty small and you’re rammed in quite tightly. It’s all very erratic and there’s no real timetable, and I did laugh to myself as the driver just dropped people off at random places they requested, that weren’t even on the actual route! I figured out pretty quickly that if I wanted to be let off where I needed to be, that I’d just need to shout at the driver from the back of the bus. So I did, and he let me off at the start of the walkway to Camana Bay.

The walkway was stunning. I mean, just look at the photos.

Photo 16-05-2018, 19 12 19

When I reached Camana Bay, I could see what Julia meant – it’s very high-end, full of shops selling shit I couldn’t afford in a very modern, shiny complex. So, similar to Canary Wharf…but minus the bellend banker-wankers.

Photo 16-05-2018, 19 16 33
Camana Bay innit

I had a good old mooch about, I settled myself down by the bay, ordered a drink and read my book for a few hours. It was so peaceful. I don’t think I’m ever as relaxed and content as I am when I’ve been navigating myself around brand new places, in a brand new country, and then I get some time to just sit in the sun, by some water, with a drink and book and I’m like, YES MATE. This is what life is all about.

Julia had told me about a tower you could go to the top of and see some lovely views, so I did that, and then came back down to cool off in the water fountain thingy because I had walked A LOT that day and it was bloody hot.

I’d already done so much today, BUT we still had some excellent plans for the evening. Julia picked me up, then we picked Nige up, and we went up along seven mile beach to the Westin Hotel to have cocktails. Now THIS was one of the poshest beach hotels I’ve ever seen. I’d bloody LOVE to stay there one day.

Photo 17-05-2018, 00 45 05

I MEAN LOOK IT HAD ACTUAL BEDS ON THE BEACH and swingy egg-chair things and a swim-up bar and it basically was like a total honeymooners destination I reckon. We were hoping for a sunset but that didn’t happen thanks to the pesky clouds, but it was still just bloody lovely.

En route home, we hit up “Chicken Chicken”, which is like a fast food place but it serves proper, quality stuff. We got jerk chicken and mash and vegetables and other bits and bobs – SO YUMMY – and you’ve gotta respect anywhere that calls itself something THAT basic. Next to the chicken place was a club that had tacky light up palm trees outside and whilst Julia and Nige looked disgusted…it just made me really wanna go in! I didn’t.

When we got back, I went down to the pool to cool off. It was a bit creepy, being the only one down there, with only the sound of the crashing waves for company. It’s pretty cool in that pool at night though because it changes colour as you swim.

So, another brilliant day all round really. I’d packed in a huge amount, and was absolutely loving life.

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