Slovenia – Day 4 – epic hike to Bohinj

The weather decided to be a little bit cooler and cloudier today, which was the day we had decided to take a trip to Lake Bohinj, which is situated about 30/40 mins from Bled inside Triglav National Park.

We’d read about this place before the trip, and so many locals has recommended it so heartily that we HAD to check it out. We hopped on the bus and after a quick half hour journey, we arrived at the edge of lake Bohinj.


This lake is much larger than Bled, and much more remote. It’s completely untouched…unspoiled….and feels like it’s in the wilderness. It’s kinda breathtaking, to be honest.

We hiked for a couple of hours around the perimeter of the lake during a storm. It was so atmospheric and we were really lucky that the storm only lasted as long as our hike, where we were protected by the trees.

Almost as soon as we decided to stop hiking and take a dip in the lake, the clouds parted, the rain stopped,¬† and we were able to swim in peace. Being at the base of the Julian Alps, it makes sense that the weather was so changeable…but it all kinda added to the experience.

It was a pretty fucking awesome place to swim. Just LOOK AT IT.


Other than the times other ramblers walked past us, it felt like we were the only people in the world in this lake. It was literally insane and I am SO DAMN GLAD we decided to make that trip.

We rambled on to Kramar restaurant at the edge of the Park, and had beers overlooking the lake. It was so chilled out, I never wanted it to end…and as I write this I am like TAKE ME BAAAACK.


All that swimming and hiking (and drinking) was pretty tiring, so we got the bus back to Bled (during a storm…yes, anther one…) and got ready for our final night out in Bled.

The owners of our hotel recommended a pub by lake Bled for some pre-drinks before dinner, but when we got there it. was. shite. It was like being in an O’Neills – really pikey and it stank of smoke. No thanks mate. So we went across the road to Panorama Restaurant for some vinos, before heading into the town to The Old Cellar Restaurant, which we’d booked in advance after reading EXCELLENT things about it.



This place was glorious, and served possibly the best steak I’ve ever had. Such wonderful ambience in there, with perfect food and wine pairings. The sommelier gave us some of the local ‘orange wine’…which tasted weird as shit, to be honest…and basically we were treated like royalty. It was fucking immense, and the perfect end to our holiday.

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