Praha for Christmas 2019 – Day 3

Our flight home wasn’t until the evening, so we had the whole day to do more exploring. Excellent! We decided to head straight to Wenceslas Square to see the Christmas market there. It’s a pretty famous one, and everyone bangs on about Wenceslas Square, so I was determined to see it before we left. I mean…it was quite underwhelming in the end, to be honest. It’s just a thin, long strip of market chalets in the middle of a main road – hardly the ambience I was expecting!



Bit of a let down, but it did have some interesting vegan options for Megs to eat, so she got some kind of potato/mushroom thing, and I went back to the Old Town Square and got my trusty sausage. (Which, side note, ended up giving my a dodgy belly for the rest of the day but we don’t need to talk more about that…)



We wandered along the shopping strip area that we had accidentally discovered the previous night, and saw two C&A’s. TWO. One of my favourite things to do is go ‘C&A spotting’ when I’m in Europe, so I wasn’t disappointed. We ended up buying some random shit from there (because…ya know…IT’S C&A) and then slowly mooched back to the area near our hotel to find somewhere to while away our final two hours.

About a 3 minute walk from our hotel was a really cute festive wine bar, that we had passed several times every day but never went in. We decided to go in, finally, purely because it looked so cosy and festive, and it was an EXCELLENT decision.

Cafe Platz

The wine was super cheap and the vibe was soooo relaxed. I had about a zillion peppermint teas to settle my stomach, and Megs had about a zillion wines 😉 Thankfully, those teas made me feel much better, so I ventured into wine by the end of it. We chatted through our favourite parts of the holiday and protested that we had to go home. I am NEVER ready to go home after a holiday, especially one this short, but we had had a blast and I had ticked something off my travel wish list. Prague at Christmas is adorable, as festive as I had imagined…and with some stunning architecture to boot. Thanks Praha…I wonder which festive location I will end up in next year? Only time will tell….




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