Praha for Christmas 2019 – Day 2

On Sunday, we had a plan – head across the bridge and spend some time the other side of the river. BONUS BALL for Megs, was that this was an area full of vegan restaurants (including the top rated one in the city), so off we trotted.

The other side of the river turned out to be our favourite part. It is MUCH more relaxed and has a bohemian vibe which was rather charming. We mooched about, bought some Czech chocolate in a gift shop, and then made our way to Vegan’s Prague. Now, a warning for you reader if you decide to go there – you have to walk up about a THOUSAND BILLION steps to reach the actual restaurant and we were sweating like beasts when we reached it.


There was a queue so we waited for about 15 mins before we were seated. Megs opted for a goulash and I had a cake (because I had stuffed my face at breakfast so wasn’t that hungry) I also had a local beer and Megs stuck to her trusty wine. The cake was fucking delicious, it really was…I am fully on board with vegan food and was very happy to assist Megs in her quest to be able to eat a meal that wasn’t just potatoes and vegetables. (Although, ironically…that is actually what goulash is…)


We needed to walk off that fodder, so we headed up to the castle next (where there isn’t actually a castle…it’s just the remains of the castle walls) and went inside…which, as it turned out…was like a mini city of its own. It had its own little Christmas market, and as you wandered through the empty streets it felt very eerie and calm. It reminded me of Mdina in Malta – the medieval walled city. The most incredible-looking gothic cathedral looms over the castle walls and it’s really impressive.


We went into the cathedral (which was free) and basically just stared at the glass windows. I mean, once we had done that we weren’t that interested in anything else, so we literally spent about 5 mins in there…but we got some pretty photos.

As we decided to start making our way back and think about heading back over the bridge, we stumbled upon a super-cute square with a Christmas market (obvs), and it had THIS backdrop. I was like MEGS WE HAVE TO STOP HERE AND HAVE A MULLED THING. So, of course, we did. It was a glorious setting and just so damn relaxed. Quite the opposite to the Old Town side of the river.



We left the market and went back to the castle walls to the viewing point. We’d taken some photos earlier, but now it was sunset and the view was EVEN BETTER:



Now, after all that walking we were tired (don’t judge us…we are old, ok?) so we went back to the hotel for some chill time, and to suss out where we could eat that night. WELL, that turned out to be a mission and…long story short…it took us about three sodding hours to find somewhere that would provide vegan options for Megs (that three hours was a combination of online searching AND traipsing about the dark streets of Prague) By this point, I was fucking starving and beginning to get Hangry. BLOODY VEGANS. 😉 The one plus point of all this traipsing around was that we stumbled upon a really pretty strip of shops (and another market, obviously) but was clearly the main shopping area. All of the shops were like up like Christmas presents and I was deeply appreciate, of course.



Anywhoo…some Italian bloke on the street saw us staring at his menu (we’d been trying to eat local the whole time but by this point we were like whatevs bruv) and he was like “come on in we are cheap and good!”. The magic words. AND THEN he said they had an entire vegan menu. Winner. It was quite cute in a hollowed out cave…and the food was good so in the end, all was well!


After we were fully fuelled, we were determined to make it to the Prohibition bar that we’d ended up skipping the night before. It was full when we got there, but they informed us we could wait on their rooftop bar which sounded cushty to me because I bloody love a rooftop bar. We had lovely cocktails and enjoyed the view, before heading downstairs to the basement to the Prohibition place.


Now, this place wasn’t so much ‘prohibition’ themed as just…well….as vintage dark bar. But it was nice all the time, and had a live pianist playing twinkly twinkly Christmas songs. The cocktails were pricey for Prague, but cheap for London (about £7 each) so still felt like we were getting a bargain and they were delicious too, with amazing service. It was fancy-pants in there and I’d have loved to have had a proper SESH (it was open until 4am) – maybe another time, with a bigger budget. Note the penis-shaped ice cube in Megs cocktail….

Still, we managed to stay out until about 1am (still got it, kids!) before we called it a night. We stumbled back through the dark and empty streets (which Megs enjoyed and I did not…) to our hotel and thought…ahhhh…THAT’s how you spend your last night of a city break. Fancy, and smashed.

Prague at 1am.

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