Slovo (farewell) Slovenia – Day 5

For the first time in the history of my travelling escapades, I had booked a late flight for my departing day, so CJ and I got up early to make damn sure we packed in as much stuff as we could.

First up: hiring paddleboards and going out on our own, with our newfound SKILLZ MATE. It was super fun. CJ was more confident than me – I chose to stay kneeling for the majority of the time – but hey, boarding is boarding! It was so nice, and we didn’t want to come off the water but alas, we had to.

For lunch, we head to Sova, which is a super-cute lakeside restaurant we’d spied earlier on in the holiday. The food and wine were delicious, and while we were there, we decided that we’d get a later cab to the airport, rather than an earlier bus, to maximise the time we had left.


That proved to be more problematic than we thought because apparently, Bled has like one fucking taxi service, and trying to book one, even with 2 hours notice, was supposedly going to be “impossible” (according to our hotel owners) I mean, I get it, but that seriously seemed a bit ridiculous…so after listening to them REPEATEDLY tell us “this isn’t London you know…” (patronising fuckers) we eventually decided to revert to our original plan of getting the bus. That meant we wouldn’t have time to do the ‘summer tobogganing’ that we quite fancied the look of, but hey, ya can’t have it all, eh?

After a semi-panicked walk to the bus stop, we got there on time, and ended up getting to the airport super early. We sat down overlooking the runway (and mountains), had some beers, and reminisced about the amazing time we’d had.

It was been a trip of a lifetime – which I know sounds totally over the top – but it’s true. Slovenia is a beautiful country, and Bled in particular is just a dream. We were incredibly lucky with the weather – even the one stormy had we had just added to the atmosphere of hiking in a forest – and the area of Bled we had chosen to stay in turned out to be perfect.  I’d love to go back one day and explore even more of the surrounding area, because it’s so bloody stunning. Thank you Slovene, you were a beaut and I loved being in you.


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