Day 6 of my 35th birthday adventure: almost OLD.

Well, by this point, we had reached my birthday-eve. Yep, that’s right…the time had almost come where I could no longer kid myself that I was in my “early thirties”. Gulp.

The plan for today was for Julia and I to head to Royal Parks, which was another beach club that we hadn’t tried yet. When we arrived though, I was like, HELL. NO. I can’t explain why really, but this place did NOT have the vibe of Hemingways. It was rammed, for a start, and not to sound like a snobby wanker, but the quality of the sun loungers was dire. It took me two minutes to assess the situation and realise that I wanted to go right back to Hemingways. This was one occasion where trying something new did NOT pay off and I was like, GET ME THE HELL BACK TO MY HAPPY PLACE.

Well reader, that’s what we did, and we spent another glorious day swimming and cocktailing. But the REAL treat was still to come.

I had read about a night time kayaking adventure online, that I really liked the sound of. Luckily, my Uncle was up for it too, so at about 8.30pm we set off to Rum Point (the other side of the island) to meet the rest of our fellow kayakers. The light was glorious as dusk hit, and we waited to be briefed by our tour guide. So I OBVS took a shitload of photos before we even set off.

The plan was this: groups of 12 would head out on tandem kayaks at about 9pm (it was pitch black by this point), with only the flashing lights on our guide’s kayak to guide us. We would kayak to a bioluminescent bay about 20 minutes away, at which point we’d get to see and play with the glowing plankton that light up the sea. I was SUPER excited as we got into the kayak, and then as we started to make our way to the bay, a lighting storm hit. It was really fricking surreal…navigating our way across the Caribbean in the darkness, amidst a storm…it was actually kinda other-worldly. Despite the fact that dearest Uncle Nige did NOT follow my lead and kept paddling freestyle so our flipping kayak kept ramming into other people! Way to ruin the moment, Nige 😉

When we reached the bay, we suddenly saw the effect that the plankton has on the sea…it literally lights up like fluid glitter when you touch it. It. Was. Super. Cool. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos because a) they wouldn’t show up and b) I would DEF have dropped my phone, never to be seen again. But yeah, it was pretty damn wicked. And THEN our renegade tour guide scooped up a jellyfish and let us all take turns at stroking it. It felt minging, I’m not gonna lie. Slimy and rubbery. When he put it back he announced that it had been stinging the shit out of him the whole time, and that actually, we were surrounded by jellyfish so we’d better not fall in. OH CHEERS MATE OK.

We paddled back to the shore, which took another 20 minutes and quite frankly, my arms were fucked. Hats off to all you kayakers…it’s hard work!

By the time we got home it was about 11pm and I was happily exhausted. My head hit the pillow, dreaming of the next day, my birthday, and all the adventures that were awaiting me.

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