Slovenia – Day 3 – watersporting

Today was the day that we were about to embark on our paddle-boarding adventure. When booking this trip, the ONLY stipulation I gave to my pal was “we HAVE to try paddle-boarding”, and so we pre-booked a lesson to make sure that it happened.

Basically, reader, it was everything we could have wished for. The weather forecast had been looking a bit ropey, but miraculously, the sun was shining down for our entire two hour lesson (it ACTUALLY ended up being nearer 2.5 hours so we got a lot of bang for our buck). Our instructor took us from the pier with us on our knees, to get used to the feeling of the board. But, soon enough, she made us get on our feet. I was wobbly as fuck, and convinced I’d fall in…but neither of us did. Winners or what?


We paddled over to Bled island, which is this gorgeous little island in the middle of the lake with an old church on it…and not much else tbh…but it’s pretty! We had gelato (and a rest….paddleboarding is tough on the old quads!) and then got back on it to make our way back slowly to the pier.

For anyone reading who fancies trying out paddleboarding in Slovenia, we cannot recommend Let’s Paddle enough. Our instructor runs this company single-handedly, and she is the only QUALIFIED SUP instructor in Slovenia….FACT. She also does paddle-boarding on Lake Bohinj, which I reckon is also brilliant.

We are BUZZING MATE after our lesson, so we hired bikes and biked all around the lake, and for another gentle dip to cool off. But the aforementioned ropey weather eventually found us, and a little rain storm decided to envelop us. We decided to wait it out on a lakeside cafe and basically had a shitloads of beers on empty stomachs. It was quite the buzz. Now, I am all for a beer-buzz, but we had to mount our bikes and cycle on the busy road to get back to our hotel, which was scary AF even when sober, let alone a bit pissed. I survived to tell the tale though, clearly, so one might say I was being a tad dramatic…

We were STARVING by this point so instead of going back to the hotel, we stopped off at a little restaurant and I had sausage and frites…which I had been inexplicably craving since I arrived in Bled. It totally sorted me out and we biked back to the hotel marginally less wankered.


For dinner, we opted for a place called Okarina which was on the roadside in Bled town. It was decent enough, but I was still stuffed with sausage, so I had a disappointing salad and that place became my least favourite eating experience of the whole trip. Not to self: NEVER order a salad 😉

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