Non-solo adventure…a Sorrento dream

So, yeah, this blog IS meant to be a way to chronicle my solo travels, but I recently had the most EPIC trip to Sorrento with my dearest Mum. And I need to capture the magic of that trip forever…so please indulge me as I deviate from the #soloChat for a moment.

My awesome Mum turned 60 in February, and my gift to her was a trip to Sorrento (well, I paid for like, 3/4 of it. I’m not MADE of money mmm’kay.!) She had never been to Italy before (I know…ridic….) and I just knew that she would adore it. She already had the obsession with Italian wines and pasta down, so it was time that she experienced those things in their homeland.

Sorrento was the location of choice because I had never been to the Southern part of Italy before. So, it was an adventure for us both.

I’ll keep this short, but essentially, it was an incredible trip which cemented my love for Italy even more deeply.

Firstly, our hotel was an ACTUAL DREAM.

Photo 23-04-2019, 12 28 36
The entrance to our hotel – faaaaaancy!

I mean, take me back there immediately am-i-right?

On arrival, we went exploring the local town centre of Sorrento and then had, what I am sad to say, was a very mediocre meal. (Lasagne with LAYERS OF BOILED EGG IN IT?! No thanks mate.)

Day 2 was probably my favourite day. We visited Capri, and after a LONG-arse queue for tickets (hot tip, go buy your ferry tickets really early on the day you want to travel and then go back later to catch the ferry). We got there about 10.30 and had to wait 1.5 hours to get our tickets. BUT… was worth it.

I mean, just look at it. The moment we got off the ferry, we congratulated ourselves for not vomming (hurrah!) and then perched ourselves at a restaurant in the port for some booze ‘n’ brunch.

We then got the funicular up to the top (with our pre-purchased tickets from the tabbacheria in Sorrento port) but there was ANOTHER FRIGGING QUEUE just to get onto the damn thing. Anywhoo, once we got to the top the views were increds.

We mooched about the fancy shops, Mum bought a Capri tote bag (‘course she did….) and we head back to Sorrento about 5pm so we could chill before our dinner that we’d booked in the hotel restaurant.

Well readers, that dinner turned out to be quite the treat. For a reason still unbeknownst to us, upon entering the restaurant we were ushered to the private room for our dinner. Complete with three private waiters in black tie and table right in front of a beautiful balcony. We were given free amuse bouche’s and starters and we spent the whole time like “WTF??!!!” It was awesome, and such a special way to celebrate Mum’s birthday.

Such a lovely way to end our second day in Sorrento, and we finished it all off by watching the sunset with an aperol.

Photo 24-04-2019, 20 10 24

On Day 3 – THE MIST HAD CLEARED and when we woke up, we could see Mount Vesuvius from our window!

Photo 25-04-2019, 06 29 52 (1)

After the activities the day before, we decided to spend Day 3 just chilling out. Time to hit the hotel’s private beach club! The lagoon was, I am convinced, quite literally freezing. Like, zero degrees. But I was determined to get in and I fucking did it. Even some burly dudes from Birmingham dipped their toe in and were too scared so WOMAN POWER and all that…

For lunch, I had booked us into Sorrento’s most exclusive hotel, the Vittoria Excelsior. It was pricey as fuck mate, but a total delight. Just check out those stunning grounds.

The terrace was absolutely stunning. Only about a 5 minute walk along the coast from our hotel, so the view was similar, but this hotel had really cranked it up a notch in the fancy-pants department. Here we are, living our best lives.

We did some more chilling that afternoon. Once we got back to the hotel, we ordered room service. Because I found out that night that MY MUM HAD NEVER HAD ROOM SERVICE IN HER LIFE BEFORE. WTF. It was glorious – we had burgers on the balcony.

Day 4 was….time for Pompeii, bitches! I had always wanted tosee this, so we set off early doors to get the local train for the 30 minute journey.

The ampitheatre was one of the first things we saw, and unsurprisingly, one of my faves.


We had booked a guided tour, so we could learn the detail as we walked around. It was all quite humbling and breath-taking to be honest. People were losing their shit over the frescos (see below) and whilst I get that they’re cool, I wasn’t really that bothered by those…!

(Note: bottom right is the first EVER “beware of the dog” sign!

Seeing the original plaster moulds of the dead bodies in their final moments was such a weird and thought-provoking thing to see. So sad.

Photo 26-04-2019, 12 09 04 (3)

So this was it…our final night. We wandered around the old town again, and stumbled across this little gem. It had only been open for 4 days, and the owners were very welcoming. It was nestled in amongst the market vendors, and it felt very authentic and lovely. We ate yet more caprese pasta, had more wine, and reminisced about everything we’d done and seen.

I really wanted this to be something special for my Mum, but it was special for me too. I’m lucky in that I enjoy spending time with my Mum – not everyone is that lucky – and we had THE BEST TIME. My only #sadface is that we didn’t get time to visit the Amalfi coast (Positano baby!) but hey, that’s what annual leave is for, and I plan to head there in the near future.

Sorrento, you are a precious gift and you made two Cronin’s feel way fancier than they actually are. For that, we cherish you forever.

2 thoughts on “Non-solo adventure…a Sorrento dream

  1. Sounds like you had a Whale of a Time! Capri is a beautiful oasis of calm and serenity (once you get away from the tourist throngs in town) and Pompeii is just … awe-inspiring. Wherever you go amongst those timeless ruins, you can never quite shake off the feeling of brooding malevolence that Vesuvius exudes. So still, so quiet, but always threatening.
    PS. Amalfi is a delight, but a nightmare to get to by car. Take the boat from Sorrento (or Positano) for a far more relaxing experience.

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