Day 8, 9 & 10 – a Cayman bank holiday

It was a bank holiday weekend in Cayman, which was delightful as it meant that we had three whole days with all three of us together. Saturday morning was a VERY early start because it was the ROYAL WEDDING. I’m no raving royalist, but I wasn’t gonna miss it, and my aunt was well into it (she had flags any everything) so we got up at about 6am to get involved. Which mainly meant drinking mimosas and eating sausage sarnies. It was a super fun way to kick start the weekend.

Photo 19-05-2018, 13 02 38

Now, reader, at this point, I was starting to get concerned because the weather was clouding over a bit. But, come about 1pm, it had cleared so we headed to Governors Beach, a bit further up the island. It was pretty quiet, which was lovely, and we swam and snorkelled and just generally chilled the f**k out.

After a glorious day of chilling the f*** out, we head home where Nige knocked up steak & chips, and a bunch of lethal cocktails. Cheers Nige!

But Sunday…well….Sunday was a different story. The weather went to ABSOLUTE SHIT. Still hot, but torrential rain. Just, constantly. And to top things off, my Uncle was called into work as part of the dive rescue team (he’s a police officer) because a snorkeler over on Cayman Brac (the sister island) had gone missing. So he had to peg it to the airport to go and plunge himself into the choppy water to try and find this dead body. The thought of that was just horrific, although he himself was super-chill about the whole thing. BUT THEN, to make matters even worse, Julia and Nigel’s car broke down. SO, Sunday was a total bust. We couldn’t go anywhere, Nigel was away and the weather was abysmal. I decided just to read my books and hit the wine…which was still better than any usual day to be fair, but we were hoping for better weather and Nigel’s return on Monday.

BUT NO. Nigel got trapped over on Cayman Brac because the weather had got so awful they weren’t running any flights. Not even the police helicopter was running. The car got fixed so Julia and I went for a bit of a rainy drive, and then we decided to go out to Rackham’s for dinner because it was my last night. Rackham’s was a dive bar in George Town, and was nice enough, but it would have been nicer if it hadn’t been bloody hailing down the whole time. SO MUCH DRAMA MATE.

The next morning I was due to fly to Florida (with my Aunt in tow, who was coming back to the UK via Florida to visit some peeps) so it was kinda sad that my final three days weren’t what we wanted them to be. But, I had been so lucky up until that point with the weather, and I had actually ticked everything off my list that I wanted to do…because I am efficient like that and made sure I packed everything in at the beginning. Sure, I really would have loved to go Paddle-boarding at Starfish Point, or snorkelling at the famous Smith’s (that was the plan for Sunday originally) but hey, you can’t have everything in life eh?

In case you’re interested in what happened with the missing snorkeler – they didn’t find the body, and Nigel eventually managed to get a flight back Tuesday morning JUST before our flight to Florida departed, so we managed to see him briefly before we left. Hurrah!

It was the absolute best of times, and am beyond grateful that I had the chance to experience it. Grand Cayman is definitely like no other Caribbean island, and it’s probably somewhere I would never have gone, had my family not lived there. What a dream, eh? But the adventure wasn’t ending there – I had me some Florida to experience. Bring it on!


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