Day 11 & 12 – the final stretch…IN FLORIDA

Our flight to Fort Lauderdale was swift, and soon enough I was in Florida. FLORIDA. I was super excited about this. Originally I had planned to visit Miami while I was based in FL but in reality, I realised it would be too much of a rush. So, we checked into our hotel and were met by Julia’s pals, that she knows from her and Nige’s timeshare.

Photo 22-05-2018, 22 23 21

Her lovely pals drove us up to the timeshare, where I met a bunch of their other mates. It was such a cute community, with amazing vibes and even better views. This is the thing about American – they’re so much more open and friendly than Brits…and me being a pretty open person with zero boundaries, this kind of vibe suits me so well.

Once we’d had a few beers, I wandered off on my own to check out the area. Lauderdale by the Sea is a really vibrant, beautiful seaside town. It’s so pretty to wander around during the day, and as the sun starts to set, it really comes alive.

I mean, look how awesome it looks at night!

The below is a snap I am really proud of – taken with the sea behind me, looking out onto the central strip of Lauderdale by the Sea.

Photo 23-05-2018, 01 21 21

I head back to meet the others and after more beers and wines, we were kindly driven back to our hotel by Julia’s pals. Again. They were truly all so welcoming and wonderful and hilarious, and it’s given me #LifeGoals to one day have my own timeshare.

The next morning was our flight to the UK, so it really was the end now. I was like NOOOOOOOO DON’T TAKE ME BACK. We got up early and spent our final morning in the hotel pool and drinking beers. The perfect ending to the most perfect holiday. I will be forever grateful and look back on that fortnight with such joy. Special in so, so many ways, but mainly because I got to spend proper quality time with my aunt and uncle in an environment that allowed me to truly relax and experience new things every day. And you can’t really put a price on that can ya?

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