Day 2 of my 35th birthday adventure – a Grand Cayman revelation

I got up at the absolute crack of dawn to get a cab back to JFK, less than 24 hours after landing there. So needless so say, I was already shattered but SUPER BUZZED at the thought of heading to G Cayman to hang with my Aunt Julia and Uncle Nigel.

It turns out, that immigration at Owen Roberts international airport are strict mofo’s and they quiz the shit out of you when they hear that you’re visiting residents (as opposed to staying in a hotel) Or maybe it was just me and I have a dodgy face…who knows?! Anywhoo, as I turned the corner in arrivals I saw Julia and Nige waiting for me, with Nige filming me as I approached and hugged Julia. It was like something out of Love Actually…Hugh Grant was basically narrating in my head. However I looked like absolute dogshit so I wasn’t THRILLED about my #PlaneFace being captured on film, but hey, beach holidays are all about not giving a shit about your appearance so…suck it up, Cronin.

We head to their apartment/condo/whatever you wanna call it which was only a 10 min drive from the airport and hear me when I say IT IS DELIGHTFUL. The view from their balcony/lounge area is just stunning.

Photo 13-05-2018, 17 50 14

We didn’t spend long inside though, because I was obvs itching to get back outside and explore. Grand Cayman is probs a bit more unusual to most Caribbean islands because a) it’s FOOKING tiny and b) it’s all just….really modern. You don’t see any rum shacks on the side of the road, or random women selling jewellery on the street…it’s more slick and VERY American. Which is odd as Hell, considering the place is an overseas British Territory. But enough of the history lesson….lets get down to business here…the beach club.

So, Ju and Nige decided to take me to this beach club, because other pals they’d had to stay really loved it. And sure enough, when we pulled up outside Hemingway’s I was like, OK, this is where I need to be, ALWAYS.

Photo 15-05-2018, 17 02 00
Hemingways entrance – what a beaut

It’s basically an upmarket (but not snobby) beach resort thingy, which somehow manages to retain this really chilled out and friendly vibe. It isn’t huge, but never felt rammed. Over the speakers they play chilled-Caribbean covers of well known songs. You could have all your cocktails and food delivered TO YOUR ACTUAL SUN LOUNGER. No movement necessary. And most importantly my friends…IT HAS A SWIM-UP BAR  (but more on that later).

The first thing I did, was get my feet right in that delicious Caribbean water. There’s nothing quite like the Caribbean…I had missed it a lot. Then…we grabbed a seat and hit the cocktails. No surprises there.

Photo 13-05-2018, 19 55 43 (1)
Me with Unc Nige, loving life

Once we were done, we decided to head back to theirs. I was a) starving and b) exhausted…so we head to the pool for a swim and some sun bathing before dinner. Their communal pool is only really communal in the conceptual sense, because no-one else was ever using it. It was a dream! Then, we had a nice dinner on the balcony, more booze, and I was in bed by 8pm. I was DONE.

Day One was done, and I couldn’t wait to see what was to come!

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