My 35th birthday adventure – the prologue

So, I mean….I’ll keep this bit brief. If you read my Venice blog, you’ll know that I had a bit of a shit end of 2017/early 2018. When things started looking up, yeah, I booked Venice…but I also had something even bigger on the horizon.

In a nutshell, I have an incredible aunt and uncle, who live in Grand Cayman ( I know right….), and after a LOT of deliberation I realised that there was an opportunity too good to miss here….free accommodation in the Caribbean BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY…an opportunity to spend some quality time with my aunt and uncle. Who are hilarious and fun and giving and strong and wonderful human beings.

Photo 16-05-2018, 23 57 23
My lovely Aunt Julia and Uncle Nige

Once my aunt started cracking on with the job of booking my flights, it quickly became apparent that the most economical route would be to include a layover each way…so I received a text from my aunt….

“Would you be happy with an overnight in New York on the way out to us?” (I’m paraphrasing here…)

FUCK YES MATE!!! I mean, that wasn’t my EXACT response but it may as well have been. And then came the next….”and you’ll be having an overnight in Florida on the way back….”


So there we had it, a two week trip covering three destinations and, most conveniently, OVER MY 35TH BIRTHDAY. New York – Grand Cayman – Florida….BOOM!!!

The best bit, in many ways, was that it would include elements of solo travel. For all my expeditions solo, I’d never travelled solo on a long haul flight before AND the prospect of a day and night in NYC all alone filled me with absolute joygasms. Yes that’s right….JOYGASMS.

So caller, do read on to discover my tales of delight across these incredible two weeks. I promise I won’t bore you to shit.

(That actually wasn’t very brief at all, was it…..?)

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