The Big, glorious, Apple: Day 5

This was our penultimate day. A Monday. I was starting to get the horrible going-home-soon blues, but forced myself to ignore it because…well…what’s the point in dwelling, right? The only real thing on our tick list for this day was a trip to our favourite hotel in NYC…more on that later.

Because of our super hectic day on Sunday, we had a slightly more chilled one today…plus Mum was obsessed with the idea of buying our wonderful neighbours some little “thank you” gifts (for looking after our adorable little shit of a cat) whilst we were away. Plus, we both wanted to buy my sister an array of NYC-related treats to make her a little goody bag. She had never wanted to come to NYC, and she still doesnt want to go, but it still felt a little odd to be on holiday without her.

ANYWHOO, we spent the morning wandering around all those delightfully tacky tourist shops again (I told ya we loved ’em), including a trip to MnM World (our one is better…the NYC one looks pretty run down in comparison) After this little shopping spree is when we had our return visit to the joyous Italian place I mentioned before…trusty Charlene, the owner, greeted us by name and gave us complimentary gaspacho and bread basket, which earnt her waiters a bloody big tip.

Back in Il Punto with some strong festive knitwear

After 5 days of walking miles and miles each day, my Mum finally gave in to her aching bones, and decided to go back to the hotel to have a lay down while I carried on wandering about. Considering she hasnt done any exercise for a year, (due to being Dad’s BRILLIANTLY DEDICATED carer) she did amazingly to cope with the levels of trotting about that we did. I, however, didnt want to waste a minute in the hotel if I didnt have to, so I went and sat by 42nd Rockerfeller where I had spied some cute benches nestled in amongst fairy-lit tree.

My view as I sat alone and just, ya know, contemplated life…

Considering I’m someone who loves, spending time alone, it was nice to have a moment to myself. I just people-watched really…but then my mind wandered back to the fact this was our last full day there, and I started to get sad. DON’T MAKE ME LEAVE.

No time to be sad though, Cronin, as we had a special night planned. Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, bitches! Aside from the fact its an iconic element of NYC, Mum and I love it because it features in…yep, you guessed it….Serendipity. We got proper dolled up, and walzted in the place all like “yeah I totally belong here”…except we were taking about a thousand photos of everything so clearly, we were busted.


Being in that place felt so damn special. I mean, the food was really nice an’ all, but nothing I hadn’t experienced in other, far cheaper places. You’re paying for the experience and privilige of eating there I guess, and it is totally worth it. We got chatting to a couple of American women who were eating next to us, because, you know Americans, you can’t be in close proximity to one without them starting up a conversation…which I kind of love. One woman started talking to me when I was in the loo (stealing a bunch of the Waldorf branded flannels) about her life story, and then as she was weeing, proceeded to exclaim “aw mah GAHD, I am peein’ so much, I dunno where it’s all comin’ fraahm!”  Luckily, I too have very few boundaries so I just found this hilarious. Hats off to you sister, lets all talk freely about our urinary flows.

p.s. Turns out that eating a Waldorf Salad whilst you’re IN the Waldorf, makes you feel like a film star.

Once we were done eating, we kinda didnt want to leave the place, yet we didnt want to spend any more cash. Our soloution was to walk back through the lobby to the bar, and just casually recline in some of the seats and absorb the vibe. We didnt have any drinks or anything, so could potentially have looked like a couple of loons just sat in silence watching everyone intently…but I reckon we styled it out ok.

Then, when we were ready, a snazzy man in a top hat signalled for a cab for us, and we scooted back uptown to our hotel. But not before getting another Dunkin Donut (we didnt have dessert at the Waldorf, ok? DON’T JUDGE ME)

All in all, it was a stunning and perfect way to spend our final night. Below are some photos I snapped of store frontages in the cab on the way back to the hotel. Yeah, I was obsessed, so shoot me.

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