The Big, glorious, Apple: Day 3

Our Day 3 tick-list:

  • Visit Macy’s
  • Go to the Empire State Building
  • Visit ANOTHER Broadway show

As you will have read (unless you didnt ready my ‘Day 2’ blog, in which case…where have you been?!), Friday in NYC was a pretty hectic day, so we decided to crank it down a notch for Saturday. We were up early doors when Times Square is at its quietest, and enjoyed a fairly realxed stroll through all the tourist shops. And by ‘tourist’ I mean, they were literally called “I HEART NY”. I obviously bought all manner of shit: a “I heart NYC” t-shirt, a shot glass (for my collection), and a tree ornament.

Next up was Macy’s (TICK!). A place featured in every American film EVER. If Bloomingdales was a slight disappointment, then Macy’s made up for it. Its window displays are awesome, and when you walk inside its filled with people taking photos of the ceiling decoration and not actually doing any shopping. Including us.

We used the bog and that was about it, but yeah, my lord, a helluva lot of people must have been employed to deck the place out in all its glory. Apparently we missed its big sale by, like, one day…but as previously established, we weren’t here to buy a load of crap we didnt need. We we’d rather spend our cash on tacky bullshit from gift shops, god damnit!

For lunch, we used my trust li’l Trip Advisor trick to find a nice little Italian place round the block from our hotel. It was called Il Punto and it was so adorable, I highly recommend it. We ate paninis, which inexplicably came with roast potatoes (?!) but I am not complaining because I am always on board with a carb-fest.

Il Punto and my super pricey wine

My one glass of Merlot was more expensive than my entire meal, but, again, I didn’t give a toss. We ended up going back there a few days later, we liked it that much, and ate exactly the same meal because my mother and I are nothing if not totally predictable.

We’d made the decision earlier that day, to visit another tall building of some description. Whilst Top of the Rock was brilliant, we really wanted to have an elevated view of NYC at night. Our options were the Freedom Tower, or, obviously, the Empire State Building. I’d been told by most people that Freedom Tower was the better option but we opted for ESB as the more iconic of the two. We were not disappointed (TICK!). And the main reason we weren’t disapponted is because we brazenly shelled out $80 each on our tickets to get the VIP express pass. Twice the price of a standard ticket but seriously, THE BEST MONEY I’VE EVER SPENT.

And I shall tell you fo’why. When we rocked up to the ESB, there was a huge queue of at least 600 people snaking right around the block. The people in that queue would have been waiting, oh I dunno…about 2 hours to get into the building I’d say. But not for us super smug types, who waltzed right up to the front of the queue, balls first, wafting our VIP passes. At this point a posh man in a tall hat released a red rope which led us into some sort of express pathway, which meant we skipped every queue. And there are a lot of queues: one to get into the building, then one to get into the elevator, then one to get into security and then another to get into another elevator.


Thanks to our super-dooper fancy schmancy passes, we jumped passed all these poor unsuspecting amateurs, and were up to the top within 15 minutes max, JUST in time for sunset.






I won’t go into detail about the views. The photos speak for themselves, plus, you’ve all seen the ESB on like, a zillion films. But it was as special and magical as everything else we had done, and I totally spent the entire time imagining I was Meg Ryan. (If you don’t get that reference then you are dead to me)

We had about an hour or so to kill between leaving the ESB, and heading to our second Broadway show. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not enough time to have a proper sit-down dinner, I guess you just went to McDonalds? Well my friends, no, we decided, in all our wisdom, to go get a coffee from possibly the busiest Starbucks in the entire world – the one on Times Square at 6pm on a Saturday night. THIRTY-FIVE mnutes later we had finally been served and we basically just hung about on the streets drinking coffee and chatting….UNTIL I spied a shop called “The Theatre Circle.”

This is basically a shop that sells all things theatre related – from Book of Mormon mugs to the original sheet music to West Side Story, this place is a treasure trove of stagey shit. We had something similar in London (Dress Circle Shop) until a few years back, and I was SO sad when it closed, so was delighted to find something similar in NYC.  Did I buy anything in there? Yes, I bought a Broadway sign for my bedroom because I am cool.

Now, time for the show (TICK!). Something Rotten is a musical comedy set in the time of Shakespeare. I’d heard a lot about it, both in the press and from friends that had seen it, so found some cheapo tickets (thanks to the Today Tix app!) and along we went.It was good, but not brilliant.

But then, anything following Waitress from the night before was bound to feel like a let down in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, it was funny and all that, but it wasnt drop-my-knickers-fantastic.

On our walk back through Times Square, I took a shitload more photos.

Here’s the thing with TS – you can keep taking photo after photo, but no photo will ever capture the energy of that place. It kind of feels like anything is possible when you’re there, like you’re part of something much larger and more powerful than, well, anything else ever.

So that was it, Saturday, done!

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