Ach aye the noo! Solo-ing in Edinburgh

Ok folks, so it’s been a while since my last post but hey, don’t judge – a girl’s gotta have an actual life!
You’ll all be on the edge of your seats to hear that my next solo ‘adventure’ has been booked. No, I won’t be backpacking through the Himalayas or climbing Mount Everest; I will, in fact, be spending a glorious solo day in Edinburgh.
Here’s the lowdown:
I am lucky enough to be getting sent to Edinburgh for work. I know many people get to travel to much more exotic places, but I personally am grateful for any excursion that I don’t have to pay for, particularly when it’s to places I’ve never been, and have always wanted to go.

Our itinerary for the two nights up there is pretty fluid; with only Friday earmarked for work (an all-day festival followed by client dinner and drinks) SO I’m taking this as an opportunity to explore. Whilst my colleagues head home Saturday morning, I’ve booked a later train and plan to spend the day sightseeing and generally being typical tourist-about-town. I might be hooking up with a friend and meeting his wee baba at some point, but other than that, the town is my oyster.
I’m actually contemplating taking an actual backpack with me so I can feel like a proper traveller. I’m fully aware that I’ll probably look like a total knob – Edinburgh isn’t exactly Thailand- but I consider this training for the time that I take the plunge to backpack properly further afield.
I’d like to caveat the aforementioned claim by saying that never, ever will you see me camping, in any country. By “backpacking” I mean, transporting goods on local transport between towns…but at all times I will be sleeping in a hotel. Preferably one with a spa and a healthy supply of Pina Coladas.

If you’ve any hot tips about what I can do whilst I’m there, comment below. I’ve been told that I must “climb Arthur” – which isnt as fun as it sounds. Unless you know of any Scottish dudes called Arthur?*

* I am joking.

** ish

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