Don’t be sad….BE SMUG

I gave my boss some advice recently, shortly before she embarked on her first ever solo holiday. “Don’t be sad, be smug.”

The catalyst for this particular comment was her declaration that the main barrier in her mind to going on holiday alone, was her fear that she would “feel sad.”

travel-richerI get it. I TOTALLY get it. Surrounded by couples, you run the risk of feeling sorry for yourself and it ruining your holiday. But, my friends, remember this: being single is often not the only reason for a solo holiday. It’s due to many factors, all of which rear their head the older we get and the more responsibilities our friends have.

This is where the smugness comes in: if you’re holidaying alone, chances are you have elements of freedom that others don’t. Perhaps you’re single, or your friends don’t want to go where you want to go….or maybe both…or neither, you just fancy doing it solo. In any case, count yourself LUCKY that you can do this. You have freedom, choice, and no stress or commitment to anyone else for those precious days you are abroad by yourself.

So, smug it up, people! You only get one life. Live it.

p.s. In case you’re wondering, my boss has an awesome time. Booya.

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