Sitting in silence

Last weekend, I went to the cinema. I went on my own. For no real reason other than, I couldn’t be arsed to ask anyone to come with me.  But also…and let me just draw this issue to your attention here….the cinema is a dark room, where you have to look straight ahead, for 2 hours, in silence. Why would you go with anyone other than just yourself?!


I’ve obviously been to the cinema with friends before, but actually, its utterly pointless. If you’re not including the post or pre-cinema drinks and dinner bit, obvs. I do it a lot, and granted, even if I did have the energy or patience to try and organize a pal to come with me, I probably wouldn’t be able to because my taste in films is what some people call ‘abysmal’ (but what I call AWESOME)

I’m having to make do with these kind of solo adventures while I plot and plan my future trips abroad. In case you give even a vague shit, my NYC savings are 25% of the way there.   Great progress I think!


Accommodation is the real stinger, and is therefore usually the catalyst for my rare, yet very real feelings of “WHY AM I DOING THIS SHIT ALONE, ITS SO MUCH HARDER!”.  It is harder doing things alone, but it’s also easier.  It’s a contradictory experience, which is why it’s so thrilling and makes you grow emotionally and as a person and all that shit, yada yada….

Roll on December 2016!

One thought on “Sitting in silence

  1. When I go to the cinema, I always encourage my wife to come with me. It’s the only time she stops talking, and I wouldn’t want to miss such a rare event!


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