The gateway…

If you’re considering your first solo adventure abroad, but still need convincing because the whole prospect seems more terrifying than spending a night out in Brixton, then I have a few ideas for ways that you can ease yourself into public solo living:

photo 1
1. Start off slowly, by taking yourself out for a coffee. You won’t stand out at all amidst the sea of suits glued to their laptops and clutching a latte. Starbucks is like a haven for people on their todd.

2. Next up, a leisurely brunch. Wait until you know you’re going to have a hangover from hell, make sure you’ve no food in the house, and then you’ll be forced to take a trip to your local greasy spoon/boutique café. Hot tip: choose a venue that is guaranteed to have clusters of families with screaming children. You’ll soon stop feeling sorry for yourself and start feeling thankful that you have your own space to do with what you will. It won’t always be that way.

3. Now my friend, it’s time to brave…dinner. Often perceived as the hardest meal to eat out alone but I actually don’t agree because, remember: THIS is the meal where it’s widely acceptable to drink booze. The booze will take the edge off, trust me. For the first time, choose a chain like Prezzo or Yo Sushi, do it midweek and near a train station. This guarantees plenty of fellow solo diners who are killing time waiting for their train, or catching up on meeting notes. Soon, you’ll be wooing yourself at the Ritz and loving it! P.S. Don’t forget the booze.

4. Maybe next you can try a weekend away on your own in the UK. Perhaps you’ve never been to Liverpool and have always wanted to give it a go (that’s me, incidentally) or there’s a regional theatre in Leicester that is crying out for a visit from you (also, me). Book a cheap-ass hotel (just not a Travelodge…what is WITH that Breakfast Bag?!) and go for your life.

photo 2
If you follow these steps and still feel nervous at the thought of a solo holiday….no shit, Sherlock. Of course you do. I’m not your therapist.

Overcoming the fear doesn’t happen until you actually do the thing you’re scared of.

So what are you waiting for?


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