Pizza and Pinot…the next adventure in the making…

One of my dearest friends recently announced she would be getting married in Tuscany next year. I was thrilled. For her and future hubby of course, who have had a spectacularly tough time of it over the past year or so. But let’s face it, I was also thrilled for myself. Why? Because it gives me an excuse to embark on another solo adventure…TO THE LAND OF PIZZA AND PINOT.

The wedding venue...YEAH
The wedding venue…YEAH

Not content with flying out there for just three days for the wedding itself, I’ve decided to make a big ol’ thing of it (as I’ve never been to Italy before) and head out there for a week or so beforehand. Plans are still pretty fluid – nothing is booked and I have literally no idea how much this will set me back, but my initial thought are thus:

• Fly out to somewhere near Lake Garda and hit that up first.

•Then head down to Venice for a few days

•Then to Florence for another few days, nipping across to Pisa for a day trip

•Finally, I’d head to Siena in Tuscany for the wedding

Rome was also an option, but it’d involve going back on myself, so that can wait. I’m figuring that I can use the local trains and buses to get myself from A to B in most instances. Who knows.

An added bonus is that this will all take place around my birthday, which I think is a bloody good self-gift if ever I’ve heard one.

If anyone has thoughts/advice/tips on this rather ambitious plan, then I’m all ears.

My main concern with this plan: how to avoid getting my fancy wedding frock crumpled up in transit. I’m all about the priorities.

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