Top 6 reasons to travel solo

1. How truly relaxed can you really be when you’re with someone else, wasting precious energy nattering away? Rolling solo means your brain literally doesn’t even have to process working out how to string a sentence together.

2. There’s no-one there to judge you if you decide to have wine for breakfast and crisps for dinner (I may or may not have done this)

3. You spend less money. Unless you have a borderline drinking problem, you don’t pack away half as much booze as if someone else was there to spur you on. Plus, no-one wants to be that shitfaced person slumped in a corner shouting slurs at passers by. Nope, I’m not THAT guy….


4. You aren’t constantly wondering whether your holidaying companion is having a good time/is happy to do what you want to do/is going to throw a strop if you decided you want to wander off alone. Want to go back to your room to watch Netflix and rehydrate? Do it. Fancy spending all afternoon in the spa? Go for your life. Because NO ONE CARES*

(*although try not to focus too much on the “no-one cares” thing, because that could be taken another way and then you’ll just get depressed)

5. It encourages you to meet other people. When you’re alone, you tend to be more engaged in what’s going on around you. So you actually make eye-contact – quite the innovative concept for this Londoner. You make conversation with people in the lift, you get chatting at bus stops, you engage waiters in friendly, yet slightly desperate conversation. It’s all good.


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