The Domino Effect

There’s nowt quite like hearing about others’ solo holidaying experiences to convince you to take the plunge. All the blogs I read and Trip Advisor recommendations I scoured, were nothing compared to the impact of hearing my friends’ experiences.

9904e93436adacd3d5cdaac02633262fThanks to a final push from my housemate, I booked my flights. Who knows if I would have done this, had I not had such enlightened, adventurous friends?! Actually, I do know. I wouldn’t have.

With that in mind, I’m super psyched to say that this new baby blog of mine has already had a similar impact, and has gone some way to convincing my lovely boss to book her first ever solo holiday. Well, the blog combined with my incessant pestering from across our desks, waxing lyrical about how empowering it would be and sending daily links to her inbox to articles and stats about the benefits of solo travel. Some would call this borderline harassment. I call it, “encouraging”.

*adopts smug face*

I think that counts as a win, don’t you?

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