Day 5…the final cocktail

And so, I had reached my final full day in Malta. Say whaaat? How had it gone so quickly? Before I had the chance to feel sad, I took myself off to St Julians.

St Julians is the town next to Sliema, known for its lively nightlife. Now, I love a drink but I wasn’t keen on smashing my way through a bunch of actual nightclubs on my todd, so I had waited until I had some spare time in daylight hours to see what it had to offer.

St Julians harbour
St Julians harbour

It’s definitely more built up that Sliema and much more hectic, but has some lovely parts. It has lots of lovely little harbours, but I decided to make my way to Portomaso Marina, which was a place that the aussie girls had recommended to me. They were right – it was hidden right away from the hustle and bustle and really pretty – unfortunately all the eateries there was expensive and only selling huge meals. All I wanted was something small (another pastizzi please sir!) so I found another cafe on the main road – not quite so chilled, but it hit the spot.

Portomaso Marina
Portomaso Marina

After that, I headed back to Sliema to take my final dip in the pool. This final dip ended up being about 2 hours long. It was utterly blissful until two little shits started dive-bombing into the water and generally being really irritating.  Most normal, adult, sensible people got so annoyed they left the pool, but I stood my ground. These little fuckers weren’t going to splash me out of MY POOL. So, I decided to keep swimming in their way on purpose. Right in their face. Nonchalant-like. Yeah, that’s right bitches, dont mess with me when I’ve had 4 wines and I’ve been on holiday for so long that I have no inhibitions.

For some reason I didn’t fancy eating dinner. Very unlike me. P’raps it was the angst setting in that I was heading home the next day…or maybe just that I had had too much sun and filled up on wine. ANYwhoo, I figured my last night should be spent out as late as I could muster, hob-nobbing with the crowds. There’d be no retiring to my room to drink by 10pm on my final night – I had to send myself off right! I got myself all dolled up in my favourite red maxi dress (I like swishing in it…makes me feel like a princess) and went out onto the promenade (after a swift Pina Colada on the terrace bar o’course).

I know, I'm a poser...
I know, I’m a poser…

I sat myself down at a bar overlooking the Med, got myself an Aperol Spritz (which are rank, by the way) and just absorbed the vibe for hours (plus some more booze…I switched back to the trusty vino). By this point it was late, the music was pumping and most people were in couples, or big groups. I didn’t care though. I felt totally at peace. I was IN DA ZONE and just let a wave of sheer happiness wash over me.

Around 11.30 I decided I was done with the booze, but the hunger pangs started to set in, so I went to my favourite ice-cream place and ordered 3 giant scoops in a cone to take back to my room. Ice-cream for dinner yeah…why not?

So, this was it. The end. I knew the next day I’d have no time to enjoy Malta because my flight was at 2pm so I just sat and had a think.

IMG_4666I thought about how, 5 years ago when a friend had told me she was going to New York on holiday alone, I looked at her like she was mental.

I thought about how, 1 year prior to that moment, I was terrified at the thought of flying, let alone flying solo.

I thought about how, a mere 6 days prior, I went to sleep with my heart in my mouth, unsure what I would think of this experience.

I immediately felt emotional, and, in true Cronin style, felt a little teary. In a good way. I was overwhelmed. I WAS AWESOME. *high five my bad self*

Now, to clarify, my friends, this blog is not centred around the fact that I am single (destitute, alone, spinster-city-style), Its centered around the fact that I am OLD…and it is this fact which has led to this little solo holidaying experiement. This is about finding a way to get what you want out of life without waiting around. It’s about grabbing life by the balls. My life was already pretty brilliant (albeit the odd moment of….”hmmm, I’d quite like to enjoy this moment with some lovely dude…” and then thinking “fuck it” and moving right along) but now, it’s even better.

Doing things that terrify you almost always lead to something good and I can’t WAIT to see where my next solo holiday will take me. Bring it on, world!

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