Back in the bloggersphere…

I started a blog a few years back, but frankly, it was a nightmare trying to find time to write it. What with my day job and other extra-curricular work (that’s another story!) it all got a bit too much, and frankly, it was eating into my precious wine-guzzling time.

Well, my friends, this has all changed (although the wine-consumption has not). Thanks to my recent first foray into the world of solo travelling, I feel energised and inspired and all manner of other wanky adjectives.

The objective of this blog is two fold:

1. So I don’t forget what happened on my travels. That’s the only downside of solo travelling – you dont have anyone to relive the memories with, so I’m going to share them with you.

2. To potentially inspire or reassure others to do the same. Before I even booked my first trip, I did a lot of online research into solo female travelling and stumbled upon several travel blogs by some amazing women that really inspired me to do it. If I can offer the same, then that’s awesome.


Because I’m not minted and nor do I have unlimited annual leave (Damnit! On both counts!) this blog won’t and can’t always be about trips abroad. I’ll include other solo adventures have been motivating or inspiring or something. I believe that everyone should be comfortable with their own company…whether its forced upon you or not.  Aint no-one got the time to wait around for other people to pull their fingers out – we’ve only got one life people!

On that note, I’m off to my local cafe to smash some breakfast down my gob, armed with a magazine and an empty mind. Read my next blog if you give even a vague hoot about how my first solo adventure came about.

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